The Nezumi Empire

The Scent Border
Bato's Recollection

Spring 1152

After days of hiding in abandoned burrows, catching sleep where I could a Patrol of mice from the Jade Keep found me, exhausted and unconscious in the golden fields north of Tin Town. I explained to my rescuers how I was part of a Patrol sent to repour the Scent Border to the east, but a group of weasels ambushed us. My three fellow bushi were taken, while I managed to escape.

My rescuers recounted how they arrived from Whistletop, sent to repour the border in our absence. I was pleased to hear that they were more willing to help me rescue my patrol over pouring the border. It was not long until my pursuers, a group of weasel raiders, came upon us. My honorable new companions chose to fight them. The more battle experienced gajin mouse known as Giller wisely had us take the high ground, facing the weasels whilst atop a burnt out tree stump. All three of them fought bravely, with Mugen slaying the first of the vermin foolish enough to charge up the stump – I was too afraid however and in my cowardice I failed to see a fourth weasel slink up behind us and capture Hari.

(Player Phase)

All was not lost however, for Hari cleverly left behind a trail of small papers with bizarre fortunes written upon them such as “For success today, first look to yourself – and to your Patrol Leader.” Despite their cryptic nature, they provided an easy path to follow the weasels into the briar-filled plains of the Twisting Expanse, to one of their camps. Along the way, Giller told me tales of mice from his homeland with strange names like Saxon, Lieam and Sadie – and how their bravery was the stuff of legends. His words were encouraging.

When the weasel leader left the camp to find relief for his injured foot, Mugen brashly bolted off after him with Giller in tow Рleaving me to watch the weasel camp and look for an opportunity to rescue Hari’san. The older mouse once again impressed me, using his confusing tendency to speak in cryptic metaphors to trick the weasels into revealing their plan.

I must find a way to free Hari so that we can report to the Jade Keep that the weasels plan to contract the Scent Border, exposing the Iron Tail clan to the full brunt of the dangerous wildlife that reside within the Twisting Expanse.


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