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The Empire is made up of a variety of clans, which are in turn made up by a variety of houses. Each of the major clans controls a handful of settlements, training and employing their own Bushi (warrior) mice to help secure their homes and holdings. However, all clans and families swear fealty (in varying degrees) to the Shogunate of the Jade Keep. One of the ways that fealty is shown is by sending a house’s most promising warriors, scholars and artists to join the Mouse Guard.

Considered one of the highest honors that one can attain within the Empire, The Mouse Guard’s role is to rise above the politics of the individual families and clans, serving to protect greater mouse kind.

For the last 40 years, the major clans and their families are:

Fire Paw Clan
Iron Tail Clan
Mist Whisker Clan
Storm Fur Clan

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